Hard Line

“Hard Line” was recorded at Step Dad Studios in Bozeman, MT. That’s our unofficial name for the two-car garage in the house owned by our bass player, John Griffith.

Primary engineering, recording, and mixing by Joe Sheehan (drums) and John Griffith (bass). It explains why the snare drum is so loud.

“Hard Line” was mastered masterfully by Mark Fuller. markfullermastering.com

All songs written by Dave Walther (except track 6 “Dogs,” written by John Griffith)

Band arrangements by The Dusty Pockets, horn arrangements by Jon Gauer


Dave Walther - Lead vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar

Matt Rogers - electric guitar

Garrett Rhinard - Piano, Organ, Wurli, Synthesizer, dog whistle (Track 6)

John Griffith - Lead vocals (track 6), bass

Joe Sheehan - Drums, percussion, harmony vocals

Jon Gauer - Bass trombone, regular trombone (tenor, just kidding, Jon).

Tully Olson - Trumpet

Tanner Fruit - Saxophone


Reference photograph for album cover of Jade Kindar-Martin. Original photo taken by Molly Saudek, owned by Jade and Karinne Kindar-Martin. Pencil sketch & drawing, and front and back cover layouts by Joe Sheehan.